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I was not expecting that last photo

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"I want to tell you I miss
you with no subtext. No guilt,
no anger, no expectation
that you’ll fix it. I don’t want
you to feel bad or to tell
me it will get better. This
is where we are meant to be
right now – me apart from you,
my hands a little empty and
my heart a little sad.
I just miss you.
I wanted you to know."

- anne, fyi  (via theleftist)

This explains it so perfectly…

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Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

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              Love the booty   

          Grab the booty

         Hold the booty 

      Desire the booty

    Fight for the booty

                 Bite the booty

                         Touch the booty

                                  Care for the booty                                

                                       Worship the booty

                                         Squeeze the booty

                                        Believe in the booty

                                      Embrace the booty

                                   Respect the booty

                            Protect the booty

                        Spank the booty

                           Hug the booty                

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